Controller job role and how to get involved.

In this article, we look at the role of the Blood Bikes Wales ‘Controller’ – arguably the most important person in the organisation!

On the surface, the controller job is simple. To answer the phone and dispatch riders. Oh, if it was that simple!

While the riders are the public face of Blood Bikes Wales, the controller is the voice of Blood Bikes Wales, the person who answers the phone ready to take those critical job details, whether it’s 2pm of a Saturday afternoon or 2am of a Friday night. They give the hospital confidence that everything is in order and that the rider is on their way. They immediately then contact the rider on duty and dispatch them to the hospital in question. They then continue to liaise with the hospital and rider, should updates to the status of the call be required, i.e. the rider is delayed or the call is upgraded from Standard to Urgent or Emergency.

Still, this doesn’t adequately cover the role of the controller. There are times of very high volumes of calls or when an emergency cross-country run regarding very sensitive materials is required. In these case’s the controller starts to set up relays across the country, not just within wales, but working with other Blood Bikes Groups across the UK Main land. Additionally, the controller’s role is to accurately document each run. This allows Blood Bikes Wales to plan for possible future requirements within each shift pattern and to ensure 100% accountability and tractability of all delivered items, in the event of a query. 

Finally, in the rare event of a mechanical issue with the bikes, medical issue with the rider or should an accident occur, the controller initially liaises with all support and emergency services, while simultaneously ensuring adequate cover for the hospitals, before handing off to a committee member so that the controller can continue to work with the other riders in our group. our controllers, we have no one the hospitals can contact to get any of the 8 riders out on the bike to the hospitals to deliver the items requested. We need as much help to run this service and controllers are a key element to delivering the safe and practical service we offer to the NHS in and around Wales.

We provide in house training so no experience is necessary.


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