Crowdfunding Platforms

As many Charities are these days, we have a number of Crowdfunding platforms, please take a look at some of them if you wish to donate through these channels.

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Regular Donations?

Do you want to make regular donations through your employer? If so please look at the charitable giving website for more information

Did you know that you can set up regular donations through paypal as well? when you click on the paypay image above you can click on the check box below to set up a recurring payment that will be taken every month. You can stop this payment if you wish by going into your account overview online.

Do you want to make a regular donation to Blood Bikes Wales, if so please feel free to download the attached standing order form and hand in/send to your local bank branch. BBW Standing Order

Donate as you shop.

We have been busy getting ourselves registered through some companies that offer donate as you shop service, including ebay and amazon. the links below are for you to be able to sign into and registered that you want us to have a donation off your purchase, it costs no more to you, but it can mean the difference for a charity.

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