Mid-week marvels

Controller June received a call last night (8th August) from the duty pharmacist at Prince Phillip Hospital, Llanelli. A patient had been admitted after suffering a stroke and needed very specific medication. The nearest source of this medication being Bristol. ‘Could we get the medication to Llanelli? Without it the patient could die.’

Within a few minutes June had contacted our milk rider Mike, who had actually finished his duty shift for the day but still had a bike available. June also got in touch with Freewheelers EVS the Blood Bike group covering Avon & Somerset and set up a relay. Freewheelers would collect the meds from Bristol and transport to Cardiff West services. Mike would rendezvous with Freewheelers at Cardiff West and carry the meds onwards to Llanelli.

An urgent, possibly lifesaving request involving 2 riders, 2 volunteer groups and a controller to transport medication nearly 90 miles across Wales at no cost to the NHS. It’s what we do.