Whatever you do, make a difference

Our followers may notice most of our tweets involve members posing next to clean, shiny bikes to receive cheques. It’s our way of saying thank you to the many people & organisations that support our free service to the #NHS. But it’s not all like this.

It’s difficult to photo one of our riders as they cover dark, wet, often lonely miles carrying something that may save a life. And a controller waiting for the phone to ring in the early hours is an essential role, but admittedly not captivating.

But every weekday we have riders on routine runs or standby for milk runs to #NICU, and controllers (retired or able to balance their duties with work) waiting to respond to a call from the #NHS. Every weekend our riders in total can cover over 1000 miles a shift.

Which brings me to the evening of Friday, January 26th covered by controller Arthur & riders Tony, Dai, Paul R, Mathew, Jon, Paul D & Dave. A couple of the riders on scheduled runs, the others on standby, ready to respond. Following a call from a hospital to controller Arthur, that’s exactly what Tony did.

One of our members received a message from a friend, an anaesthetic nurse at #Singleton “Whoever brought the blood to us tonight, thank you very much. It was a very stressful situation but the patient survived.” What more can we say?! #ItsWhatWeDo